The poetry and prose in Agam not only reflect the confrontation between global climate change and diverse cultures across the Philippines, but the anthology’s writings in eight different Philippine languages enact the remembering and witnessing of Western imperialist incursion as the cause and cost of ruinous environmental transformation in the Philippine archipelago.

—Jeffrey Santa Ana on Agam: Filipino Narratives on Uncertainty and Climate Change, from Southeast Asian Ecocriticism: Theories, Practices, Prospects (edited by John Charles Ryan)

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by Ramon Sunico June 30, 2017 | Mt Cloud Book Shop A long time ago I had a very good teacher, his name was Fr. Tom Green. He taught three subjects: Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Science and Prayer. We had good discussions, and in one of them, he asked “What does it mean for...

By Romulo Baquiran June 30, 2017 | Mt Cloud Book Shop Tama yung sinabi ni Padma, binigyan yung mga authors ng litrato, tapos wala silang alam na objective data tungkol dun sa litrato na yun, at yun yung tinulaan. Ginawa ito ng late 2013 , tapos mabilis na tapos! In three months, ni-launch na early...

We are really way behind the deadline for saving the planet for ourselves. In many parts of the world, not least in our own corner of it, the effects of climate change have already altered landscapes and lives, led to conflict and privation, and placed in jeopardy the future of our children’s generation. What positive...

Perhaps among the most slippery words to prompt the writing of stories is the word “uncertainty.” But the Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities used it to provoke 24 writers writing in eight languages of the Philippines to illumine this human experience, each writer given a photo-portrait of a survivor of natural hazards, whose voices...


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