Welcome to The C Word, a literary podcast about climate, consciousness, and crisis but without the crutch of jargon. We live in a time of uncertainty, and our future is still being written. Here we host conversations with writers and artists whose stories we need to guide the way.
Co-hosted by Padma Perez and Joseph Santos-Lyons

The C Word - Episode 1 with Merlinda Bobis

Award-winning writer Merlinda Bobis grew up in Albay, Philippines at the foot of an active volcano, which figures prominently in her writing and performance. In this episode we hear her reading of Ten Fingers in Bicolano and English from Agam: Filipino Narratives on Uncertainty and Climate and reflecting on her poetry and family with Co-host Padma Perez.

Episode 0 Pre-Season with Red Constantino

Welcome to The C Word, a literary podcast about climate without the crutch of jargon featuring poets, authors and writers. In this episode we preview our new season and sit down with Renato Redentor “Red” Constantino Executive Director of the Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities (ICSC). We live in uncertain times and our future is not yet written. Co-hosted by Padmani Perez and Joseph Santos-Lyons. Featuring “Lost Signals” sound by Rohan Rimando.

Upcoming literary readings and interviews with:

  • Arnold Azurin
  • Susan Lara
  • and more!