Regina Abuyuan was a major force behind the first book of Agam. As a writer and editor, she was always both fierce and generous. She gave the enterprise the magic of her imagination, constantly probing for angles and approaches previously unexplored, giving the shape, power, and provocation that our first anthology carries to this day. We are able to discuss forthcoming books of Agam because of what Gina has given us.

Excerpts from Agam: Filipino Narratives on Uncertainty and Climate Change

About the Book
This is a book that asks you to sit down and take a deep breath, it draws a line in the sand and whispers in your ear, “This is where our stories begin.”
Agam International probes edges, borders, time, and local realities in Asia and the Pacific, Africa, and Latin America.
Agam the Climate Podcast
A literary podcast about climate, consciousness, and crisis but without the crutch of jargon.
Our latest news. Plus resources for writers, artists, students, educators and activists who collaborate, co-create and generate hope in these times of uncertainty.

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